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I write smutty NC-17 / Rated M Fan Fiction. All of it inspired by the sexy Norman Reedus. Here is where I will post links to my fan fic work. Some of you only know me as the author of "Logan's Muse" Some of you only know me as the obsessed fan of Norman Reedus. I hope that this is a place that will bring both of those worlds together.

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My first fan fiction piece, One night in NYC, changed my life.  There is no other way to put it.  I had posted it on the site Mibba and with in a matter of an hour I had my first readers and a review... "Wow that!" said SleepySailor.  Followed by more folks recommending my story to others as well as more reviews. I was HOOKED!!  I had not only written and posted my first story but there were a hand full of people that actually enjoyed it.  I had to write more.

I had felt comfortable writing about Norman the person but I wanted to change the setting and the circumstance of how he might engage with a woman. So I created this plausible (well I think it is anyways) story that takes place where he films his very famous TV show.  A bit of research - okay fine, stalking, whatever - told me that during filming Norman stays in a little rental home in the back woods of GA, away from most everyone else.  So I wanted to use that isolation to my advantage and I created a little world based around a massage therapist and her famous client.  


Now, I myself love to get massages and I have been doing it for years, so I know a bit about the process though not as much about technique, so I took my limited knowledge and I transferred it into the OFC (original female character) Holly.  A small town Georgia girl who is lucky enough to rub Norman on a regular basis, in his home.  Now, if Holly were a consummate professional, then this would simply be a sexy tale of rubbing a very handsome man, but I had to spice it up and with a bit of coaxing, their story takes a naughty turn.

I tell this story from Holly's perspective, this character came to me and whispered her story in my ear.  I, Elle, am simply the writer of Holly's story.  I should tell you that this was meant to be, like NYC, a simple one-shot story to entertain.  But, Holly ended up having much more story to tell, so this is simply the first installment of a multi-chapter tale.  I will reveal the other chapters and their back story over time, but I do understand if you click the 'forward' button to read them all now.  Holly and Norman do make a wonderful couple.

I give you... That Special Touch

If you enjoy this story (or simply this blog), your feedback is always welcome.  If you think it sucks and needs work - I really would like to hear that as well.  If you have some naughty idea for a story... I am always willing to entertain requests. 

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