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I write smutty NC-17 / Rated M Fan Fiction. All of it inspired by the sexy Norman Reedus. Here is where I will post links to my fan fic work. Some of you only know me as the author of "Logan's Muse" Some of you only know me as the obsessed fan of Norman Reedus. I hope that this is a place that will bring both of those worlds together.

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Oh Norman, you are getting to know me so well.  

I had planned to tell you about my writings in order, but I think I will skip around a bit.  There is just so much to tell.  So there is a picture of Norman floating around, I think it's a modeling picture (Yes, on top of playing the worlds-favorite-grubby-red neck, Norman models.  sigh).  I had found it on Pinterest first I think, just a simple photo that seemed to haunt me on some level.  

I made it the lock screen on my phone for a while, I had to look at it, aside the from the fact that he just looked so sexy... there was a story behind the photo.  Well, maybe not when it was taken.  But there was a story to be told.  This is the photo.


So what the hell is going on here.  Well, it just screamed HOTEL at me, and NORMAN, not some character he was playing but him.  That comfortable chair and the way he is propped, that was all there.  But it was the look on his face that inspired the story.  What the hell was he some contentedly but quizzically looking at? 

Now, Fan Fiction writing is strange.  It has a small band of followers who read only about people or characters they care about.  Obsess about really.  They know all about them, they are their own version of Wikipedia about that person.  So, what this does for the writer is allows them to tell a story without a lot of back story.  You don't need to build a character when you know your niche reader already knows it all and possibly more then you the writer knows.

Such is the case in this story I wrote.  I reference a few things without detail.... folks that know Norman know that he on currently on the the show The Walking Dead and that he was in the cult classic, Boondock Saints.  If they REALLY know him, they know he is close with his Boondock's co-star Sean Patrick Flanery.  And if they are a walking Wiki of Norman, they know that Sean and Norman have been known to still frequent a local strip club in Canada.  

With all that, I give you Sapphire for Norman my first story that was ever written purely based on a photograph... and my naughty imagination.  

Someday I'll ask him about this picture,"what were you REALLY thinking about and looking at?" and he'll be like, 'I really needed a smoke and some Starbucks.'

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