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I write smutty NC-17 / Rated M Fan Fiction. All of it inspired by the sexy Norman Reedus. Here is where I will post links to my fan fic work. Some of you only know me as the author of "Logan's Muse" Some of you only know me as the obsessed fan of Norman Reedus. I hope that this is a place that will bring both of those worlds together.

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I have to admit a few things to you.  First, I write because I love it.  Because there are these people and these stories that live in my head that need to see the light of day.  Becuase it makes me happy and excited to create these stories.  Next, I am greedy.  Not for money but for recognition.  I love feedback on my writing.  It is silly but I grin from ear to ear when a message pops up in my email telling me a have a 'new review'.  Reviews can be an emotional roller coaster especially in this day and age. Social media and anonymity have created a generation of people who have no filter and say just about anything.

But I crave it anyways.  I want to know what people think of my writing, good or bad.  Did it make you smile, smirk, get turned on.  Do you need a cold shower now or do you hate me for making you cry.  Whatever it is I want to hear it.  


So why am I frustrated.  Because I don't seem to have a large readership and I don't know how to grow it any more.  Don't get me wrong I have a handful of loyal readers who seem to enjoy my work, and I can not thank them enough for that.  Hell I even have people who have reviewed my work and told me they didn't like my writing yet they continue to read it.  (Weird, aye?)

Now here's the shitty / petty part of all this.  I read other peoples work, chosen by me based on how many people have read and reviewed their stories.  I expect greatness when I find 1000+ readers and 100+ of reviews. Then I am disappointed in the authors lack of writing skills, story telling and simply a story in gerneral.   I admit it, this is jealousy on many levels.  I am jealous that after a year of writing I still have a small following though I feel my writing is strong. 

I lack a skill, the skill of self promotion.  I have this problem with my book as well as my fan fiction.  Spreading the word and finding new readers is somthing I can't seem to do.  But... it doesn't slow my from writing.  It just causes a frustration when I don't have the readership I would like.

All this said, this is simply a rant.  Obviously YOU read my writing, you are here now, and I am humbled and greatful for you.  I just needed to vent a bit, and I thank you for listening to me be a whinny baby.  Off to read articles on self promtion and being a better writer.


Here's a bit of self promotion: Elle's Fan Fiction

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winda June 13, 2014 12:06PM

I wish I had an easy answer for you. You do seem to be following a correct avenue by researching ways to gain new readership, Hopefully you'll find just the right key and it will make your readers numbers explode. I'm rooting for you because I know good when I read it!

MoniqueLamy07 June 13, 2014 08:06PM

Hey Elle, Firstly, I've always looked up to you as a writer and once you gave me some advice on writing Fan fics that got me a readership of 2.6K on wattpad so your advice is gold. Secondly, I fully understand where you're coming from because I myself have read stories and been like (not to sound arrogant) "okay that was shit. I write so much better than that. What idiots are reading this rubbish?!?" so you're not alone there Lastly, self-promotional ideas I may offer you are Twitter, Facebook and email. People are generally curious and will often see a link online and follow it to see what it's about. There's a 50/50 chance posting your links will get them sucked into your work and a chance they might not. KEEP IT UP GURU GARDINER!

ElleGardner June 16, 2014 12:06PM

Thank you both for your kind words. Monique, I am glad my advice helped!! And I appreciate your networking ideas. I will make sure I am self promoting better.

LieslV October 06, 2014 03:10PM

I really wish that authors with amazing works would get the recognition they deserve. I am constantly looking for new stories and so often come upon horribly written ones that receive so many reviews (and many of them great reviews). There are so many great writers that don't really get the recognition they deserve. I really enjoy your writing and I am so very glad you continue writing even if many readers don't review. I'm always saddened when a good author discontinues a great and favorite series of works because of lack of reviews. Thanks so much for your amazing work and dedication to writing!

ElleGardner October 07, 2014 02:10AM

LieIV, thank you so much for you kind words. It's nice to my writing is enjoyed. Luckily, I don't think I could give up writing if I tried, too much love for it, even if it's just for me and a few readers.

NicciMayne July 13, 2015 08:07PM

As a newby, not yet published author, I admire your honest and open venting of frustration. I had the fortune of being able to attend a self-publishing workshop run by a couple of local authors. They too share your frusration and other irritants like: * When there is a free promotion - people download, read and don't bother leaving a review * People download and 'return' the e-book within the designated Kindle purchasing time, which leaves them more than enough time to have read the book and get a refund. I am so grateful for the open advice and sharing between authors. I feel a little more prepared for the rollercoaster that is your world. Thank you.