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I write smutty NC-17 / Rated M Fan Fiction. All of it inspired by the sexy Norman Reedus. Here is where I will post links to my fan fic work. Some of you only know me as the author of "Logan's Muse" Some of you only know me as the obsessed fan of Norman Reedus. I hope that this is a place that will bring both of those worlds together.

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I have told you how I found fan fic and I have shared with you some of the stories I have written, those have all been what is called RPF stories (Real Person Fiction) about Norman. Now I want to talk about the more tradition Fan Fic work I have delved into, stories about a particular TV show. The much more common way of doing this particular type of writing. Fan fic genre's include TV shows, movies, Books, cartoons and videos. Today we will focus on the TV show, The Walking Dead. Based off of a graphic novel series and brought to the small screen in 2010.

The TV series opens with a man waking from a coma to find that the world he knew has completely changed. Something is causing the dead to walk and attack the living. The world is in chaos and he must struggle to survive. Credited the first season for its masterful artwork in makeup and it's suspenseful writing. As the characters grew and the seasons progressed, we learned that the show was more like a modern day soap opera with zombies smattered it the background.

You never know who will die next, compelling characters create interesting relationships and it became the perfect storm for fan fiction writing.  

I have to say, I was nervous about writing this type of fan fic, as a writer I was nervous about imposing my ideas onto their worlds but I did it.  And I did it big.  I picked a few characters, moved them into new setting, introduced a character of my own that I created and made a 3 part series out of it.  Now, I paired up characters that are not together in the show (Typical of FF work), I tried hard to write them true to their personalities (which is IMPOSSIBLE when you pair them with new people) and I tried to make my own character (refereed to as OC - original character) plausible in the big picture.

So... if you know the show, this is set between Seasons 3 & 4.  It actually could have been two separate stories as I kept things pretty well divided.  Daryl (the crusty, redneck with a difficult past) meets an adventurous woman (My OC 'Cassie') who breaks through his tough exterior.  Eventually they even open up enough to bring a third, strong person into their relationship.  Rick (the law man with a heart to do what is right) sees young Beth (the naive farm girl)  in a new light and a relationship blossoms into something needed by both of them.  Lots of smut here, a spankings and light BDSM in one track a threesome with two aggressive women in the other.  Enjoy... 

I give you, the poorly titled (recommendations welcome) "Trying Something New or Daddy's Little Girl

As with most my work...Rated M for Mature

PS.... I'll be away awhile, gaining writing inspiration in a foreign land.  Share more with you all in a few weeks.

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joe March 18, 2014 11:03AM

Where are you going? Do they have the internet in the land that is a foreign one?

ElleGardner April 07, 2014 12:04PM

Hi Joe - sorry I have been MIA. Yes, Italy had internet, but I was on a fast moving bus tour and didn't get to it very much. I'm home and settled now and getting back to my writing. Venice was quite inspirational!!

MoniqueLamy07 April 23, 2014 10:04AM

This is so weird - I've been reading a lot of Fan fic lately - Okay given it's about Fall Out Boy and I absolutely adore both their music and looks. I tried out writing my own and as you said, it's so much more daunting than writing your own books! I'm a bit stuck now - also quite a "graphic" work but maybe it'll help my obsession with their lead singer Patrick Stump. Saved the link to your work, will MOST definitely be reading it after work. If you get a chance, here's the link to mine; don't know if it will show up all the chapters or just the prologue - if it gives you a hassle, I'm posting an article on my doccler titled "*squirm* getting over my indecent obsession"

MoniqueLamy07 April 23, 2014 10:04AM

snap forgot the link