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I write smutty NC-17 / Rated M Fan Fiction. All of it inspired by the sexy Norman Reedus. Here is where I will post links to my fan fic work. Some of you only know me as the author of "Logan's Muse" Some of you only know me as the obsessed fan of Norman Reedus. I hope that this is a place that will bring both of those worlds together.

Friends with Benefits

November 12, 2014 03:11AM, 0 comments

If you are a reader of my work, you know that I am a Walking Dead lover. And if you watch the Walking Dead, than you know that at the end of last season they introduced Abraham and Rosita from the graphic novels. GN readers were excited for the appearance of Abe but since I don’t read those, I had to just let it all unfold on screen. Well, we meet these two, Abe a strong military many on a mission to deliver a scientist (Eugene) to Washington DC to help save the world. And as part of their troupe we met Rosita, a young lady along with a scowl and good aim who is along for the ride. They had a few episodes in season 4 and we learned a little bit about them, but not much to speak of.

Well, I was inspired to write a little fan-fiction piece as that season ended. I felt as if there might be something a bit romantic going on with Abraham and Rosita and I wondered how that relationship may have come to be. So with just a smidge of background this past May, I wrote Friends with Benefits. The back story that led up to them meeting up with the cast that we all know and love. Now when I posted that story I knew it wasn’t going to get much traction, they were small characters that folks didn’t care too much about, but I wanted to get my thoughts out there. And on some level, I wanted to be the first one to really do it, maybe to set the bar on the quality of story I think they deserved. (For what that is worth).

This past week on The Walking Dead, we learned that Abe and Rosita DO have a very physical romance and a pretty strong friendship. I went to bed this past Sunday night with a hunch that folks would now be looking to the fan-fic world for some stories about them, and boy was I right. Overnight my hits on that story alone BLEW UP!! And though no additional reviews have come in, more folks have added it to their list of favorites. I will now give it a week or two and then do a little search to see if the episode inspired fellow writers to do any story crafting.


So, if you are interested, I give you Friends with Benefits, a smutty little tale of romance during the end of the world. I hope I nailed some of the subtle nuances of these characters and that I did their back story some plausible justice.


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A Moment in Time

July 06, 2014 03:07PM, 0 comments

This story that I wrote was completely different for me.  I wanted to write something that was highly emotional, which I don't normally do.  I wanted to try something that would hopefully draw the reader into the emotions that the characters were feeling, more intensely than I ever had before.  

So if you don't watch The Walking Dead (shame on you), I will tell you just this... Daryl is a loner and Beth is just the opposite.  Where Daryl fights to keep his emotions hidden, Beth just puts it out there.  They (as of yet) have not been coupled together on the show, and may never be.  I have taken scenes through the seasons where they were together and I elaborated on them.  I told stories that never happened on screen in the actual script.  As well, I added in a scene that never existed.  

At 7,000 words it is short for me.  Oh and also... there is no smut in this.  Hey I really wanted to challenge myself.  But, it is a beautiful and emotional story with an ending that even I didn't see coming in the first draft of it all.  

If you care to try it... I give you, A Moment in Time.

#PS... this image above never happened in the show, it is an impressive photoshop.

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June 12, 2014 01:06PM, 6 comments

I have to admit a few things to you.  First, I write because I love it.  Because there are these people and these stories that live in my head that need to see the light of day.  Becuase it makes me happy and excited to create these stories.  Next, I am greedy.  Not for money but for recognition.  I love feedback on my writing.  It is silly but I grin from ear to ear when a message pops up in my email telling me a have a 'new review'.  Reviews can be an emotional roller coaster especially in this day and age. Social media and anonymity have created a generation of people who have no filter and say just about anything.

But I crave it anyways.  I want to know what people think of my writing, good or bad.  Did it make you smile, smirk, get turned on.  Do you need a cold shower now or do you hate me for making you cry.  Whatever it is I want to hear it.  


So why am I frustrated.  Because I don't seem to have a large readership and I don't know how to grow it any more.  Don't get me wrong I have a handful of loyal readers who seem to enjoy my work, and I can not thank them enough for that.  Hell I even have people who have reviewed my work and told me they didn't like my writing yet they continue to read it.  (Weird, aye?)

Now here's the shitty / petty part of all this.  I read other peoples work, chosen by me based on how many people have read and reviewed their stories.  I expect greatness when I find 1000+ readers and 100+ of reviews. Then I am disappointed in the authors lack of writing skills, story telling and simply a story in gerneral.   I admit it, this is jealousy on many levels.  I am jealous that after a year of writing I still have a small following though I feel my writing is strong. 

I lack a skill, the skill of self promotion.  I have this problem with my book as well as my fan fiction.  Spreading the word and finding new readers is somthing I can't seem to do.  But... it doesn't slow my from writing.  It just causes a frustration when I don't have the readership I would like.

All this said, this is simply a rant.  Obviously YOU read my writing, you are here now, and I am humbled and greatful for you.  I just needed to vent a bit, and I thank you for listening to me be a whinny baby.  Off to read articles on self promtion and being a better writer.


Here's a bit of self promotion: Elle's Fan Fiction

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May 20, 2014 03:05AM, 2 comments

Hello folks, in my last installment to you in this fan fiction journal, I told you about my poorly titled story "Trying Something New / Daddy's Little Girl".  It was a story that I had written over time, in 4 segments, each with multiple chapters.  It had a crappy title, was hard to piece together BUT over all, it's a really great story. 

Now I have to admit, it's a naughty little tale.  Centered around the characters from The Walking Dead and it includes a character of my own, Cassie, who is forward, strong and sexy.  The story had some flaws, many of which were in spelling and grammar.  But after I posted that installment here in Doccler, the one that explained my jump into Fan Fic writing, I decided that I needed to fix the problems in that story, make it better for not only me but also for the readers.... I needed to reboot it so to speak.


Starting with the crap-assed title.  Check.  Then it has been a matter of cleaning up the spelling/grammar.  Check.  Then onto the big stuff.  I wanted to take the four separate pieces and make them one complete story.  There were some structural things that needed to happen to accomplish that.  Check.  I also needed to inform my past readers that I was merging these story and will eventually pull the crappy chapters off the net.  Check.

Let me say that the elements that caused the weird title are still there and still magical.  "Trying Something New" - Daryl meets Cassie, builds a relationship with the bisexual minx and she teaches him to trust and open up.  THEN, they find a third person to make their union complete.  "Daddy's Little Girl" - Rick and Beth connect, despite their age difference.  She is the anchor he needs in his life and he is the strong hand that she requires.

I am introducing this story under a new name, I give you "Insatiable". It is being posted over the next month or so, chapter by chapter.  New, improved, better... Rebooted.  And once the parts that have already been told are complete, I will be adding a few new chapters to this saucy tale.  

There is heart and love, smut and lust... relationships that are vast and filled with moments of insatiable hunger.  I know that age play, threesome, spankings and bondage are not everyone's cup of tea.  But that's what it is.

PS... the cool picture at the top, I did that.  A little first time Photoshop project I did.  I wanted to make a cover my this story.

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Delving Into Fan Fiction

March 15, 2014 06:03PM, 4 comments

I have told you how I found fan fic and I have shared with you some of the stories I have written, those have all been what is called RPF stories (Real Person Fiction) about Norman. Now I want to talk about the more tradition Fan Fic work I have delved into, stories about a particular TV show. The much more common way of doing this particular type of writing. Fan fic genre's include TV shows, movies, Books, cartoons and videos. Today we will focus on the TV show, The Walking Dead. Based off of a graphic novel series and brought to the small screen in 2010.

The TV series opens with a man waking from a coma to find that the world he knew has completely changed. Something is causing the dead to walk and attack the living. The world is in chaos and he must struggle to survive. Credited the first season for its masterful artwork in makeup and it's suspenseful writing. As the characters grew and the seasons progressed, we learned that the show was more like a modern day soap opera with zombies smattered it the background.

You never know who will die next, compelling characters create interesting relationships and it became the perfect storm for fan fiction writing.  

I have to say, I was nervous about writing this type of fan fic, as a writer I was nervous about imposing my ideas onto their worlds but I did it.  And I did it big.  I picked a few characters, moved them into new setting, introduced a character of my own that I created and made a 3 part series out of it.  Now, I paired up characters that are not together in the show (Typical of FF work), I tried hard to write them true to their personalities (which is IMPOSSIBLE when you pair them with new people) and I tried to make my own character (refereed to as OC - original character) plausible in the big picture.

So... if you know the show, this is set between Seasons 3 & 4.  It actually could have been two separate stories as I kept things pretty well divided.  Daryl (the crusty, redneck with a difficult past) meets an adventurous woman (My OC 'Cassie') who breaks through his tough exterior.  Eventually they even open up enough to bring a third, strong person into their relationship.  Rick (the law man with a heart to do what is right) sees young Beth (the naive farm girl)  in a new light and a relationship blossoms into something needed by both of them.  Lots of smut here, a spankings and light BDSM in one track a threesome with two aggressive women in the other.  Enjoy... 

I give you, the poorly titled (recommendations welcome) "Trying Something New or Daddy's Little Girl

As with most my work...Rated M for Mature

PS.... I'll be away awhile, gaining writing inspiration in a foreign land.  Share more with you all in a few weeks.

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Sapphire for Norman

March 03, 2014 01:03PM, 0 comments


Oh Norman, you are getting to know me so well.  

I had planned to tell you about my writings in order, but I think I will skip around a bit.  There is just so much to tell.  So there is a picture of Norman floating around, I think it's a modeling picture (Yes, on top of playing the worlds-favorite-grubby-red neck, Norman models.  sigh).  I had found it on Pinterest first I think, just a simple photo that seemed to haunt me on some level.  

I made it the lock screen on my phone for a while, I had to look at it, aside the from the fact that he just looked so sexy... there was a story behind the photo.  Well, maybe not when it was taken.  But there was a story to be told.  This is the photo.


So what the hell is going on here.  Well, it just screamed HOTEL at me, and NORMAN, not some character he was playing but him.  That comfortable chair and the way he is propped, that was all there.  But it was the look on his face that inspired the story.  What the hell was he some contentedly but quizzically looking at? 

Now, Fan Fiction writing is strange.  It has a small band of followers who read only about people or characters they care about.  Obsess about really.  They know all about them, they are their own version of Wikipedia about that person.  So, what this does for the writer is allows them to tell a story without a lot of back story.  You don't need to build a character when you know your niche reader already knows it all and possibly more then you the writer knows.

Such is the case in this story I wrote.  I reference a few things without detail.... folks that know Norman know that he on currently on the the show The Walking Dead and that he was in the cult classic, Boondock Saints.  If they REALLY know him, they know he is close with his Boondock's co-star Sean Patrick Flanery.  And if they are a walking Wiki of Norman, they know that Sean and Norman have been known to still frequent a local strip club in Canada.  

With all that, I give you Sapphire for Norman my first story that was ever written purely based on a photograph... and my naughty imagination.  

Someday I'll ask him about this picture,"what were you REALLY thinking about and looking at?" and he'll be like, 'I really needed a smoke and some Starbucks.'

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That Special Touch

February 08, 2014 03:02PM, 0 comments

My first fan fiction piece, One night in NYC, changed my life.  There is no other way to put it.  I had posted it on the site Mibba and with in a matter of an hour I had my first readers and a review... "Wow that!" said SleepySailor.  Followed by more folks recommending my story to others as well as more reviews. I was HOOKED!!  I had not only written and posted my first story but there were a hand full of people that actually enjoyed it.  I had to write more.

I had felt comfortable writing about Norman the person but I wanted to change the setting and the circumstance of how he might engage with a woman. So I created this plausible (well I think it is anyways) story that takes place where he films his very famous TV show.  A bit of research - okay fine, stalking, whatever - told me that during filming Norman stays in a little rental home in the back woods of GA, away from most everyone else.  So I wanted to use that isolation to my advantage and I created a little world based around a massage therapist and her famous client.  


Now, I myself love to get massages and I have been doing it for years, so I know a bit about the process though not as much about technique, so I took my limited knowledge and I transferred it into the OFC (original female character) Holly.  A small town Georgia girl who is lucky enough to rub Norman on a regular basis, in his home.  Now, if Holly were a consummate professional, then this would simply be a sexy tale of rubbing a very handsome man, but I had to spice it up and with a bit of coaxing, their story takes a naughty turn.

I tell this story from Holly's perspective, this character came to me and whispered her story in my ear.  I, Elle, am simply the writer of Holly's story.  I should tell you that this was meant to be, like NYC, a simple one-shot story to entertain.  But, Holly ended up having much more story to tell, so this is simply the first installment of a multi-chapter tale.  I will reveal the other chapters and their back story over time, but I do understand if you click the 'forward' button to read them all now.  Holly and Norman do make a wonderful couple.

I give you... That Special Touch

If you enjoy this story (or simply this blog), your feedback is always welcome.  If you think it sucks and needs work - I really would like to hear that as well.  If you have some naughty idea for a story... I am always willing to entertain requests. 

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What the hell is Fan Fiction?

January 23, 2014 05:01PM, 0 comments

Many years ago a dear writer friend of mine told me that she wrote this stuff called fan fiction for the TV show Beauty and Beast (think old school Ron Pearlman, not Jay Ryan). She explained it to me, taking characters that someone else has created and weaving your own story in and around those characters. I got the basic gist of it and her stuff was really well written but it didn't catch my brain at the time.

Fast forward a decade or more to 2013. I have just published my first book, Logan's Muse, and after a season of resisting, I have begun to watch a zombie soap-opera entitled "The Walking Dead". I have taken an interest in a small character named 'Daryl' and the actor who played him. A little peruse around IMDB reminded me where I had seen him before, most notably the cult classic Boondock Saints, also Blade 2 and Gossip. I remembered him but have to admit, it wasn't till TWD that I became obsessed with Norman Reedus. From there I watched a few movies of his I had never seen, I watched interviews with him on YouTube, and I met a community of people on Twitter that love The Reedus for the sweet guy that he is.


What does this have to do with fan fiction? Well, the more I learned about Norman the more I found my writer-brain spinning stories in my head that he was staring in. I remembered my writer-friends tale of writing fan fic and I went exploring to see if there was any written about TWD. Low and behold there were stories... thousands of stories. But what is it and why do I write it?

I think this sums it up pretty well:

Fan fiction is what literature might look like if it were reinvented from scratch after a nuclear apocalypse by a band of brilliant pop-culture junkies trapped in a sealed bunker. They don't do it for money. That's not what it's about. The writers write it and put it up online just for the satisfaction. They're fans, but they're not silent, couch-bound consumers of media. The culture talks to them, and they talk back to the culture in its own language. —Lev Grossman, TIME, July 18, 2011

I also learned that there was something called Real Person Fiction (RPF), where you spin a story not about a character, a movie or show but about a real live person, an actor or a musician. And that is where my fan fic writing began. I had been fascinated by this man Norman and these stories spinning in my brain needed to get out. So I decided to try my pen at a little fan fiction writing, after some intense research.


In my next installment I will share with you my first piece of fic writing.

I also feel that I should mention, many many fan fic stories at simply continuing adventures of your favorite characters, maybe they live when the show killed them off, they are the hero they were never written to be so. Folks become couples that you may have never seen on screen. And then there are the writers that use fan fiction as a platform to have their favorite characters do naughty, naughty things. I write that!

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One Night in NYC

January 23, 2014 01:01PM, 0 comments

Back in May 2013 I began my adventures in writing fan fiction. Inspired by, okay we'll say obsessed, by the beauty that is Norman Reedus. I sat down and tried my hand a writing a fan piece. I didn't start by trying to delve into some character he played, I went straight for the man who brought a smile to my face.  How arrogant of me to think I could start there.  But I did it.

Now, I feel like I should tell you a few things about my writing style.  I don't write my experiences and I don't play out my fantasies on paper.  Well, for the most part.  I've had people ask if my book or my FF was autobiographical.  No, I create characters and they have their own way of doing things.  Now, could I write about the experience of say giving birth since I have never done it? Probably, but not well.  But I would  hope that my writing is good enough to make it seem accurate and real.  That goes the same for my smut.  I haven't done all the things I write... I just write what the characters seem to tell me and I hope it feels real.  (Have I done some of it, of course I have - sorry mom.)  Also, if I am writing about a character from a TV show or movie - I 'study them', I watch as much as I can to get their movements, tones, word choices right.  I work to keep those characters true to their creators.  Even if I am putting them in situations their creators never intended.


This first story, "One Night In NYC", is about a tourist in the city who meets Norman through a random act of kindness. She has never seen his famous show or had any idea who this handsome man was, but they connected instantly.  Now, this story did spawn from a memory I had about a business trip I took to NY.  And NO these things did not happen to me, but they are things that "could have" in the right time and place.  I am also a fan of settings.  I do write about places I have been, so I try to paint a picture for you. I hope you enjoy my first venture into Fan Fiction writing.

One Night in New York City

PS:  This story is naughty!  I like to paint dirty pictures using dirty words.  You have been warned.


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